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Can Talenet self-loading concrete mixer truck produce 200 m3 concrete a day?

2022-03-30 17:00:39

  As the largest building material, concrete is widely used in basic construction projects such as industry, agriculture, transportation, national defense, water conservancy, municipal and civil use, and occupies an important position in the national economy.

  The traditional concrete production process is a relatively cumbersome job. Three types of machines, including loader, conveyor and mixer are required to produce concrete, and 4 to 5 workers are required to cooperate in the construction. However, with so many people and machines operating, the efficiency of concrete production is not high. It is very inconvenient, and consumes a lot of labor, material and financial resources.

  In today's rapid development of the construction industry and technology, traditional concrete production methods can no longer keep up with the pace of the times. In order to help numerous construction workers solve this problem, today I will introduce a new type of concrete mixing equipment, self-loading concrete mixer truck.

  This machine can be easily operated by only one person. It can automatically load materials and stir by itself. It is easy to operate and different from traditional mixer equipment that requires the operation of 5 to 6 workers, which greatly saves labor costs.

  The self-loading concrete mixer truck integrates the workload of the loader, conveyor and mixer into one machine, eliminating the need for loading and transportation. This three-in-one project is not just nonsense! It can produce 20 cubic meters of concrete every hour, saving more than $15 per cubic meter, and saving $2,000 for ten hours a day. While greatly improving the efficiency of concrete production, it also saves money, which is impossible to do with traditional concrete mixer machines.

  The self-loading concrete mixer truck of Zhengzhou Talenet Technology Co., Ltd. is specially developed for construction sites. It is truly suitable for engineering, ensuring the quality of concrete, saving capital, and at the same time maximizing production capacity. The price of the self-loading concrete mixer truck is one to two times more expensive than that of the traditional mixer, but the benefits it brings can reach ten times or even dozens of times that of the traditional mixer.

  self-loading concrete mixer truck, a good partner for construction. Such a good helper, action is better than heart! More information at


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