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10 ton truck mounted crane truck mounted


The full name of the Canton Fair is China Import and Export Fair, which was officially established on April 25, 1957. This year, it is the 127th session. As a comprehensive international trade event w


Why choose Talenet self-loading concrete mixer truck?


  Everyone who often work on the construction site must be well aware of how important time is for concrete. Let’s suppose such a scene: It takes the delivery truck a long time to arrive const

Can Talenet self-loading concrete mixer truck produce 200 m3 concrete a day?


  As the largest building material, concrete is widely used in basic construction projects such as industry, agriculture, transportation, national defense, water conservancy, municipal and civil use

6 things you should know about concrete mixer trucks


  What should I keep in mind when operating a concrete mixertruck?   For experienced drivers, they have a good knowledge of common sense of safe driving. Remember that the concrete is in a liquid

Strength Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer-Loading system


The loading hopper of the self-loading concrete mixer is made of Q345 High-strength Manganese steel,they are quite duable. The discharging chute of the loading hopper is V shape designed to let the

China Biggest self-loading mixer Manufactory -Talenet


Is there an urgent need for a self-loading mixer truck to complete the construction project?Are you still worried about the long production cycle and uncertain shipping time of the equipment purchase

Strength of Self-loading Concrete Mixer- Automatic Lubricating system


Operators of the self-loading concrete mixer do not need to dirty themselves to grease the machine,because there is an Automatic lubricating system integrated to the self-loading concrete mixer ma

self loading mixer manufactory in China


Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of self-loading mixer trucks?Are you looking for an efficient mixer for your project ?If you don't know this self-feeding mixing equipment, you will pay

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