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Components of concrete mixing plant

2021-06-28 16:48:38
We have already introduced to you what a concrete batching plant is, so what is a concrete batching plant composed of? 

Zhengzhou Talenet Tech Co., Ltd. will introduce you the various components of the concrete mixing plant.
The concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of 6 parts:
1. Aggregate supply system: including aggregate hopper, aggregate weighing hopper, belt conveyor, inclined belt conveyor.
2. Mixing and mixing system: including the main machine, double-horizontal shaft forced mixer or vertical planetary reducer.
3. Powder supply system: including powder silo, screw conveyor, cement weighing hopper.
4. Automatic water supply system: including water tank, water pump, pipeline, water weighing hopper, admixture weighing hopper.
5. Electrical operating system: including computer console, electrical control cabinet and operating room.
6. Pneumatic control system: including air compressor, air pipeline, solenoid valve, and air cylinder.
The whole body of the equipment is cast with an integral steel structure, and a variety of modern control equipment is used, which greatly reduces time and labor costs; in addition, the high-quality H-shaped steel used not only has a beautiful appearance, but also strengthens the overall structure of the concrete mixing plant which makes the equipment installation convenient and can be applied to various complex terrain structures.


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