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What are the requirements for the correct handling of a small concrete mixer?

2021-12-16 10:10:18

  1、 The mixer shall be installed on a solid and flat ground to prevent dumping due to ground subsidence.

  2、 Before operation, check all systems of the machine according to the procedures of cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment and anti-corrosion, and make them meet the requirements; Potential accidents must be eliminated in time.

  3、 The mixer and power distribution equipment driven by electricity shall be installed with appropriate fuses and grounding devices to ensure the safety of the electrical system.

  4、 When the mixer is running, do not let the sand fall into the running part of the machine, otherwise the parts are easy to be stuck and damaged.

  5、 After the feed hopper is raised, no one shall pass or stay under the hopper.

  6、 It is not allowed to stop without reason before discharging or start after charging. The feeding amount shall not exceed the specified capacity.

  7、 After mixing, the mixer shall be cleaned in time to prevent concrete caking. When cleaning, electrical equipment shall be protected from moisture. Cleaning must be carried out after power failure to prevent electric shock.

  Q: what are the skills for choosing a small concrete mixer

  A: to select a small concrete mixer, we must first determine the type of concrete mixer in combination with the size of production scale, the size of construction site, the situation of allocated equipment, management function and technical performance of equipment. The most appropriate product not only determines the quality of the project, but also affects the investment of the whole project. Secondly, we should understand the reputation of suppliers, and understand the price, performance, quality and service of similar products through various ways, so as to select satisfactory products.


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