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Something about Concrete Pump  


Concrete pump is a new product developed for countryside construction, pile filling, hydropower station, small civil construction, and sludge pumping. It has the characteristics of small size, low pow...

What Is the Concrete Mixer Truck?


We often see concrete mixer trucks driving by on the road, but what is the role of concrete mixer trucks? The main purpose of the concrete mixer truck is to transport the concrete or mortar that has b...

What is the price of the concrete mixer?


The price of a concrete mixer is closely related to the type and capacity. In general, forced mixers are more expensive than self-falling mixers of the same capacity. The first thing that affects the ...

Why Are Most Self-loading Concrete Mixer Trucks White?


Self-loading concrete mixer truck is a powerful and cost-effective machine in small and medium-sized projects. Unlike other trucks that have multiple colors such as red, blue, yellow, etc., the color ...

Will Self-loading Concrete Mixer Trucks Replace Concrete Batching Plants?  


It is necessary for construction contractors to reduce the investment in construction equipment to reduce risk. To meet this need, self-loading concrete mixer trucks came into being. But can it really...

Why Is the Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck Popular in Africa?


In contemporary society, in order to meet the growing specific needs of infrastructure development, construction projects are carried out on a large scale all over the world. So is Africa. So self-loa...

How Is the Efficiency of the Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck  


The high degree of practicability of the self-loading concrete mixer truck has makes itself more and more popular in the construction machinery market. However, there are still some people who doubt i...

How to distribute raw materials of the self-loading concrete mixer truck?


Regarding the advantages of self-loading concrete mixer trucks, many customers have reached a consensus. But at the same time, they will also have questions. This mixer truck looks so convenient, but ...

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