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Traditional concrete mixer truck is outdated, the self-loading concrete mixer truck makes its dubt


  In previous concrete construction projects, the use of traditional mixer trucks and mixers represented the two sources of concrete. One is combined with a mixing station to supply the concrete for...

3 reasons for choosing Chinese used trucks


  When thinking about what is the best used truck to buy, we may search on the google. And the answer may be a lot of famous brands such as Volvo and Scania from Sweden, Man from German. However, my...

Why buy a self-loading concrete mixer truck instead of a common concrete mixer truck?


  In mechanical engineering, the self-loading concrete mixer truck plays a more and more important role. Why is it so popular? There are several advantages of it in the following.   First of all,...

What should I pay attention to when using a self-feeding mixer truck?


  Safety is an important point in the transportation industry. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, safety always comes first. There are many types of special vehicles, such as mixer truck, tru...

Features of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer


One of the important features of a self-loading mixer is its easy operation. Because of its self-loading design, it can automatically produce and transport concrete on-site.Other features of a self-lo...

Operation steps of self-loading mixer


The hydraulic system pressure of the full-automatic small loading mixer should be in accordance with the provisions in the operation manual, and should not be adjusted at will. The quality and quantit...

The main function of the self loading concrete mixer


At present, many large and medium-sized cities generally promote commercial concrete to save costs and reduce dust pollution. Therefore, the use of concrete mixer trucks is becoming more and more comm...

Daily maintenance guide for auto loading mixer truck


  Proper maintenance can bring a longer service life for the automatic loading mixer, but what is the specific maintenance method? Let's take a look.   The engine oil can not only be added, bu...

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